Did You Know This About DKnine Fitness?

Did You Know This About DKnine Fitness?

It’s the final day of our week on organic marketing ??

We started the week off with Joe Mitton on growing a business organically, followed by our Top Tip Tuesday, What’s Working Wednesday, Thursday was a foundational tip and today is a story

So as this week is all about getting your name out there and generating leads and clients without having to spend

Today is the story element of our week and we want to talk about why I set DKnine Fitness up as an over 30s Programme

This all comes down to having a niche

We didn’t want to be another gym, another pt, another bootcamp

We wanted to be different ??

Having a specific niche means people talk about your more, people relate to you more

So, why did I make DKnine an over 30’s Programme? I decided I wanted to work with people just like my mum

She was over 30, busy life, kids, works full-time, never had any time for herself

This was easy for me to sell and very relatable ??

It makes clients want to go out and sell your story, your vision and your brand to their friends

So think about it, how can you create a niche?

Can you create stories that stand out and ones they will want to tell to people they know and relate to?

David 🙂

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