5 Things We Changed From Lockdown

This week is all about changes and things that came from Lockdown  On Monday, Shaun shared how Lockdown changed his business from being offline to online and all of the self-development that came with it Today, I have 5 things we changed at DKnine  The month before lockdown, was our best ever yet 🤯 We […]

Guest Interview: Shaun Thompson On Self Development

A brand new week means a brand new topic  This week we’re going back to last year 🔙 And talking all about the lockdown and the way it impacted fitness business owners lives  Shaun is talking all about self-development and how lockdown forced his hand to move from in-person to online David 🙂

5 Topics To Include In Your Calendar To Stay On Top Of Your Work

This week we’re talking about how to keep on top of your business On Monday, Huw shared how he runs his one-man-band set up so successfully  Today though, I have 5 things you need to put into your marketing calendar 😎 This way, you will be organised, in control and have it all planned out!!  […]

5 Ways To Hold Yourself Accountable

This week we’re looking at a different side of marketing, lead gen, sales 🧠 On Monday, Tanya came on to talk all about mindset and why its so key to marketing and developing your fitness business  Today though, we have 5 ways to hold yourself accountable When we used to work for someone else, it […]

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