Overcoming Limiting Beliefs in the Fitness Industry w/ Eric and Chris Martinez

In this episode, David welcomes special guests Chris and Eric to discuss limiting beliefs in the fitness industry. They share their personal journeys and how they overcame their own limiting beliefs to achieve success in the health and fitness coaching field and also delve into common limiting beliefs such as fear of getting started, fear […]

Guest Interview: Becoming a Brand That Fits Your Audience Needs w/ Paul BoothGuest Interview:

This week’s guest interview focuses on all things 𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 and being the go-to business for your target audience. We’re joined by none other than Paul Booth, a former drug-busting member of the British Royal Navy who went on to build a highly successful 7-figure sports supplement brand solely through social media traffic!🤯 Paul’s journey to […]

Guest Interview: Marketing Trends you NEED to stay ahead of in 2023 w/Jessica Armstrong

Are you ready to get ahead of the game and future-proof your fitness business in 2023? Then you won’t want to miss our latest podcast episode featuring Jessica Armstrong, the Community and Partnerships Manager for TeamUp! With over seven years of experience in marketing for the hospitality, travel, and fitness industries, Jessica has a wealth […]

Jon Hall on Using Systems & Automation to Free Up Time & Energy

Are you a FitPro trying to manage lead chasing, sales, client onboarding, coaching and managing your team? 😱 Today’s guest interview is Jon Hall, and he’s talking all about using systems and automations to free up your time & energy No brainer, right? 🧠 David 🙂 

Guest Interview: Matt Robinson

Are you looking to scale your business? This weeks podcast is Matt. Matt moved from in-person training to online and he’s sharing the first steps he took to make that transition Matt believes it doesn’t matter where the client is, his clients are buying into him as the resource Are you a brand new PT […]

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