Guest Interview: Becoming a Brand That Fits Your Audience Needs w/ Paul BoothGuest Interview:

This week’s guest interview focuses on all things π›π«πšπ§ππ’π§π  and being the go-to business for your target audience. We’re joined by none other than Paul Booth, a former drug-busting member of the British Royal Navy who went on to build a highly successful 7-figure sports supplement brand solely through social media traffic!🀯 Paul’s journey to […]

Jon Hall on Using Systems & Automation to Free Up Time & Energy

Are you a FitPro trying to manage lead chasing, sales, client onboarding, coaching and managing your team? 😱 Today’s guest interview is Jon Hall, and he’s talking all about using systems and automations to free up your time & energy No brainer, right? 🧠 David πŸ™‚ 

Ste Gordon on The PROBLEM With Coaches Going Into Business

This week Steve Gordon from Strength & conditioning education comes on to chat about the issues when coaches are wanting to get into business Steve talks all about how the scenes of the fitness industry have changed since he joined, Social Media, different situations in people’s lives and even what motivates people have a huge […]

Steve Day on Why Systems are Essential to Your Business

This weeks guest interview is with Steve Day. Steve is talking all about the systems that are essential to your business  I talk about this a lot, and Steve has been talking about this for a far longer time than me!! πŸ’ͺ Steve doesn’t run a gym, in fact, he doesn’t specifically help gym owners  […]

Guest Interview: David Kyle On How Gym Owners Can Make A Profit

This week’s guest interview is ME!  Here I am on Samuel Main’s Podcast: ‘The Main Life’ talking all about how gym owners can make a profit πŸ’Έ You see, when I got started as a PT, I thought all of my clients were going to come flying in and I’d be overrun!  But actually, when […]

Guest Interview: Dave Wright on How To Maintain Individuality as A Gym Owner

Dave is chatting all about how you can maintain your individuality as a gym owner πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ Dave was a new and struggling gym owner in January 2020, Covid hit, and he had to refine how he would do business and make sure he could keep the doors open and pay his staff Now Dave owns […]

Guest Interview: Matt Sutton on Personal Development & MindsetοΏΌ

Matt became self-employed to regain his freedom ⬇️ It gave him the freedom to PT and travel all around the world  Matt recognizes the importance of personal development and mindset in the fitness industry and as a business owner And here he is sharing exactly why you need to make sure you’re considering this too […]

Guest Interview: Jordan Fisher on Referrals

This week I am interviewing Jordan, and he’s speaking all about an aspect of lead gen that we all don’t consider enough! Jordan talks all about having a structured referral programme and why you need one How to askWhen to askHow to leverage it& so much more This is a great way to maximise your […]

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