Brand Awareness Ads…Are You Running Them?

This week has been all about generating leads, keeping the client happy, keeping staff motivated and more 💪


➡️ We’ve looked at creating a marketing calendar
➡️ We’ve looked at 5 different ways to generate leads from paid to organic
➡️ We’ve considered what’s working when it comes to creating 1 single landing page
➡️ And yesterday we looked at different types of Facebook ad campaigns


Today, I want to look away from the typical hard sell and look at a different form of advertising

This will only work if you have 150+ clients 💪

If you’re only a smaller fitness business with let’s say 50 clients you probably don’t need this

We’re all used to direct ask someone to register interest or learn more and push them to a sale

What we’re talking about today is awareness advertising …ever been browsing your social media and seen an advert from a well-known brand?

No link to buy, just a reminder that they exist!

They are spreading awareness of their brand 🤓

So, if you are moving forwards and you’re building that client list

You definitely want to consider awareness advertising

Go and do a lunch & learn at a local business

Go in & share with their staff how they can be fitter, healthier & stronger

No selling, just a general chat 😁

Or reach out to a local newspaper, run a charity event

No direct sales, just getting your brand out there!

Then, one day when they’re ready…they will come straight to you


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David 🙂

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