Become One Of The Founder Members

Become One Of The Founder Members

Google can literally define your fitness business

If a prospect finds you on social media, and then Googles you… Does your business come up?

If not, then you have potentially lost yourself a client

If it DOES, then it’s time for your website to stand out, make your business proud and turn that prospect into a qualified lead

And this is where we can step in and take the stress & confusion about your online presence off your hands

With the: Web Design & Management Service

And to celebrate the launch of this new service, we are going to be removing the “Set Up” fee for the first 4 FitPros that join us

(First spaces has already been taken)

Where we take care of everything…

✅ Fluid Design that works on any screen & any size

✅ Business Email to look professional on any business card

✅ Lead Gen Focused that connects directly to your email marketing software

✅ World Class Hosting to keep your website LIVE 24/7

✅ Weekly Website Back Up, giving us access to previous changes you need back

✅ Simple SEO that will boost your websites PageRank and drive more traffic to your site

✅ 24/7 Security & Firewall keeping your website safe from hackers

✅ Lighting Performance for super fast load times on any device

✅ Professional Blog Layout that will draw the readers in

Plus any changes, updates & improvements you need, we can get them done in less than 48 hours 🙌

This is the exact same website set up we use for MY OWN GYM, DKnine Fitness

The exact same formula we teach inside The FitPro Portal

And all you need to do is give us the content


Then here are the numbers for you…

1️⃣ 1 Page Website

– £100 Sign Up Fee

– £35 A Month for A Minimum of 12 months

Want to know more??

Then drop one of the team a message and let’s have a chat

David 🙂

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Hi I’m David 🙂

I Help FitPros Around The World Generate Leads On A Daily Basis, With Lead Generating Websites, Laser Targeted Facebook Ads and “The Portal”

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