An Overview On Mindset & Owning Your Own Fitness Business

Happy Friday everyone! 

As usual, here is an overview of our week so far…

This week has been all about mindset, accountability and how we can utilise these things to grow and scale our fitness business

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Let’s dive in ⬇️

On Monday, Tanya shared her knowledge on mindset and why it is so important for business growth and development πŸ“£

She spoke all about the way you talk to your clients, and how you should talk to yourself in a similar way 

She also said utilise people you know! Reach out, ask for help, turn to people who may have more knowledge than you

Want to hear the full interview? 

Check it out here:

Then, on Tuesday we looked at 5 ways to hold yourself accountable: 

1️⃣ Set achievable goals 

2️⃣ Set tasks 

3️⃣ Tools & software

4️⃣ Hire some help

5️⃣ Reward yourself

Want to know more? Head over to Tuesdays post:

Then, on Wednesday I spoke all about trying to run a business on your own 

Running any sort of business is hard… at the beginning, you wear so many hats 🧒

From trainer, to lead gen, to client retention, to sales, to client care

I share a simple piece of advice…think about where you don’t excel, what you don’t enjoy

And give that hat to somebody else 

Want to know more about how this improved my fitness business? 

Check out Wednesdays post here:

Then finally, on Thursday I just wanted to put a little message to all of the fitness business owners out there 

If your mindset is not in the right place 

If you are struggling 

If you are feeling down

If you are overwhelmed 

Please don’t bury it!! ❌

Reach out πŸ’¬

The more you talk to people, the easier it becomes

Everyone has different perspectives, we can all help one another! 

So, don’t suffer in silence

Simply drop one of the team a message πŸ’ͺ

I hope this week has been helpful for you all to learn how you can keep growing and scaling your fitness business 

Enjoyed it? Please comment and let us know! 

David πŸ™‚ 

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