An Overview Of Generating Content That Sparks Engagement

This week has been all about generating content to spark engagement, generate leads and make you SALES 💸

BUT…before we dive in 🚨

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On Monday, Alex Brown came on and spoke all about what she does within her fitness business and for her FitPro clients

She talked all about content

Content plays a massive part in generating engagement, interest, leads and helping sales

She spoke all about making sure you speak to your target audience

Everything you should write should be specific to one person

Adding CTA’s

And posting regularly

Check it out if you haven’t already 😎


On Tuesday I shared 5 tips

1️⃣ Post regularly – build that know, like & trust
2️⃣ Ask questions – spark that positive engagement
3️⃣ Reply to comments – show you’re active and engaged
4️⃣ Run polls – people love to vote!
5️⃣ Tag clients in posts – you will show up on loads more newsfeeds


On Wednesday we spoke about emails 📧

Especially if you’re collecting prospects emails. Make the most of them.

We send newsletters and offer emails out

In those emails we always add a deposit link 💸

‘5 more spaces, click the link, pay your £50 deposit and secure your space’


On Thursday, we spoke about making sure you target your audience

Make sure your posts are specific ✅

Make sure your images are specific ✅

Make sure your videos are specific ✅

Talk to your audience

Grab their attention 💪


So what a week it has been

We’ve covered so much! ✅

If you want more info on each individual day, head back to our blog or Youtube and check it all out there

David 🙂

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