All You Need Is A Pen & Paper

When anyone new joins my free group: FitPro Lead Gen with Dave!

I add them as a friend, then send them over a message asking a question

If you are not doing this currently 🀯, then you are 100% missing out on sales

Anyone that follows you on any social channel, go thank them 🀝 and ask them a question

The more conversations you can start, the more sales you are going to make πŸ™Œ

Anyway, I accepted this guy in today and dropped him a message

He came back with a struggle, that he wanted to get better at copywriting and coming up with subjects and topics to write about

So I sent over a few suggestions, then suddenly thought that if he is asking me this question, then there are going to many others out there thinking the same thing

So that’s what I wanted to talk about today:

How to get better at copywriting and coming up with subjects ideas 🀨

1️⃣ let’s start the same way as I am doing this, someone asks me a question, I then write about the answer

This is the exact same for you when someone asks you a question or reaches out on social channels to ask you a question

If they are asking it, then there will be plenty of people thinking the same thing πŸ‘Š

So go grab a ✍️ & πŸ“ and start keeping note of all question you get asked

2️⃣ the next is during sessions and client feedback

I know at the minute we are doing everything virtually, therefore at the start of every session ask what everyone has been up to

You will for sure get a load of ideas of what to talk about

Then when we get back to normal, listen to what clients are talking about to each other and take notes

3️⃣ the final one is key, this is when we get back and start doing consultations

The prospect you are sat in front of will be coming at with you with a LOAD of content ideas

They are going to tell you why they need your help, why they can’t do it themselves, why now is a good time, what they have tried in the past

They will give you so much content, you will never struggle again

Remember to get the ✍️ & πŸ“ to keep notes πŸ‘Š

Then we simply get to work and start producing the content, videos, written, podcasts

And don’t forget that one subject or topic, will have a load of sub-topics πŸ˜‰

Go get writing

David πŸ™‚

Ps… did you know we have a Β£7 30 day trial of the FitPro Portal running πŸ™Œ πŸ‘‡

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