A Walkthrough Of The Software We Use

The end of our first crazy week

And today I can finally say, we are now ready to properly go for it πŸ™Œ

Everything has been moved online successfully

All the staff know what they need to do and A LOT of training has been done

And clients are happy

PLUS, we have started running ads again πŸ’₯

Not only that, we’ve been super busy making sure all the FitPro inside The FitPro Portal are happy

The above is my excuse for the lack of any content this week 🀣

Now everything is settling down, my daily routine has been altered, I am ready to go again πŸ‘Š

Today, I wanted to go over all the software we use to generate leads and sell prospect onto our 28 Day Online Programme πŸ€“


Okay, we start with the Facebook advert directing people to a landing page

Landing Page Software: LeadPages

We then use the website URL to make it look part of the brand, therefore we download the LeadPages plugin and upload to the website

Website Software: WordPress

Connected to LeadPages is our email marketing software to deliver the follow up emails: Active Campaign

We also connect the LeadPage account up to Zapier

Zapier is connected to our text messaging software that delivers an auto text message: ClickSend

Zapier is also connected to our lead management software: Trello

The sales page is run with LeadPages

Which has an embed payment system: ThriveCart

Final once they pay, we use CoachCatalyst to deliver the 28 Day Online Programme

In total, we use 9 different bits of software

βœ… LeadPages

βœ… WordPress

βœ… ActiveCampaign

βœ… ClickSend

βœ… ThriveCart

βœ… Trello

βœ… Zapier

βœ… CoachCatalyst

All of this combined make everything much smoother for the end-user, the prospects and for the staff when it comes to dealing with the leads

Of course, we need to pay for all these bits of software

Therefore if you are on a budget, I would keep it super simple

Run ads to a Facebook LeadAd

Then use a Google Sheet to track the lead

Finally, deliver the whole programme in a Facebook Group

These 3 things are free and are a great way to get started πŸ™Œ

If you are wanting more details and the whole set up we use, then come and join us inside The FitPro Portal where we take you step by step into how to set the whole thing up


David πŸ™‚

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