All you need is a 1 page πŸ‘Š

Your website is one of your biggest marketing and trust building tools available in the digital world

Prospects will 100% Google you before they buy from you, meaning they will be looking for your website

So making sure you have a good looking website, that does what it is meant to do, is KEY πŸ‘Š

Yet most people want to way over complicate it…

They want 100’s of pages, with a page for this and a page for that

Yet all these pages take time to build and create to make them right

And they also cost a lot of money

For example, a complete Lead Generating Website package from us is Β£1149

It has everything you need to generate you leads on a daily basis

Yet most FitPros just don’t need all these pages

What they need is a SINGLE 1 PAGE WEBSITE 🀝

A page that build trust, delivers value and has a call to action at the end

Here is a simple layout for you

The above the fold would be welcoming them to the site and letting them know they are in the right place

We would then have a paragraph telling them a little about your business and your ethos

Moving us into the services you offer, that all have a call to action

Under that section we would have your success stories section

Finally finishing with a contact form at the bottom

That then is a simple 1 page website, covering all the key elements when it comes to building the ever important KLT

What makes it even better, is that you can even download a free drag and drop theme on WordPress and do it for FREE πŸ™Œ

Or, we have the exact layout for you to download and use inside The FitPro Portal πŸ˜‰

With step by step video guidance and support to have it done in less than 24 hours πŸ‘Š

David πŸ™‚

Ps… here is the link β€”>>

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