A reason for your expensive ads

Your website SHOULD generate you leads no questions

If it’s not, then here are a few things you need to consider….

1) Compress your images 👊

Time really is money If your website takes too long to load, then maybe your image sizes are too big and slowing down your page load time

Get them compressed so they load quicker

2) It’s all about you 😤

Honestly people don’t care that you graduated with a 2:1 in sports and exercise science

They want to know they are actually going to get results with you and not waste their money again

Show them that you can help them 🙌

3) Lack of KLT 😢

This follows on perfectly from the previous one

The prospect needs to know that they can trust you and you can deliver

Therefore show a load of before and afters, write testimonials, video success stories

Honestly…. These things may sound super simple

But they make the biggest of difference

Get them sorted and start generating more leads 🙌

David 🙂

Guest Interview: The Dos & Don’ts For Any Newly Qualified PT

Guest Interview: The Dos & Don’ts For Any Newly Qualified PT

Guest Interview: Karl Muir on The Dos & Don'ts For Any Newly Qualified PT This week is all about how to get started in the fitness industry Today we're chatting to Karl, owner of The PT Mentor UK He is sharing anything and everything you need to know about getting...

You Never Know Who Is Watching You

You Never Know Who Is Watching You

Quick reminder... you never actually know who is watching you Holly & Elsie have started going to spin class at the local Pure Gym The last 2 times they have been the instructor was helpful, fun, friendly, excited and motivated to do the workout Yesterday was the...

The Story Continues…

The Story Continues…

This week we've been talking all about writing content ✏️ Specifically daily emails, social for your free Facebook groups & content for your website Writing content is key because we need people to know you, like you & trust you We also need to make sure the content...

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