8 Tips on Client Retention

8 Tips on Client Retention

This week is all about Client Retention ??‍♀️

Specifically today, it’s Top Tips Tuesday…so we’re going over 8 Tips to help you hold onto clients

Why? It’s cheaper to keep clients long-term than it is getting a new client!

1️⃣Support Group – Somewhere your clients and yourself can interact. Post in there 2-3 times a day, ask questions, give shoutouts, ask for feedback. Creating this community allows them to connect with others they see in the sessions and expand that friendship.

2️⃣Weekly Messages – this is a big deal for us. We’ve debated it with other FitPros but we really feel its important. Check up on your clients, keep it personalised and they will feel valued and held accountable. Therefore, more likely to stay.

3️⃣Member of the Month & Milestone Certificates – At the end of every month we select those most deserving. Monthly, yearly, weight-loss. Anything to acknowledge their achievement and they really appreciate it.

4️⃣Social Events – We can’t do this right now due to COVID but this really did make a difference for us. Out of gym events like walks, assault courses, drinks and meals out. This encourages friendships within the gym and builds relationships.

5️⃣Clothing and Merchendise – A Free T-Shirt with their name added is a brilliant idea. This makes them feel like they’re part of the team. We have plenty of other designs for those who want to order and purchase more! People love to stay up to date with the DKnine Merch!

6️⃣Equipment – We’ve invested in MyZone and we love it! Not only can they see what they’re doing during sessions on the big TV in the gym but also they have the app to hold them accountable. They can eachother as friends on the app and see what everyone gets up to. It really helps us to hold them accountable and them to hold eachother accountable.

7️⃣Birthday Cards – this is so important for us. People really value receiving a card from us at DKnine. It’s handwritten and they feel special and remembered. This again highlights we’re different from the rest 🙂

8️⃣Guest Events – Bringing in different professionals, Yoga, Zumba, Menopause Chats, Nutrition Chats etc. This is all a FREE extra on top of their membership. Make sure you set up a Facebook Event and get everyone excited for them.

At the end of the day it really comes down to showing you care about your clients. Not everything you do has to cost. A simple quick message can mean a lot to someone.

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