5 Ways to Generate Leads for FREE

5 Ways to Generate Leads for FREE

This week is all about lead generation

Yesterday we started off with a guest interview…but it was actually Tobias Young Interviewing me ?? We discussed what is working now when it comes to Facebook Ads, plus we looked at how to set up your first Facebook Advert step by step ?

Today is Top Tip Tuesday, so here are 5 ways to generate leads for FREE using social media ⬇️

1. Call-Out Post – This is the type of post you would write as a Facebook Ad. But because it isn’t an advert you can get away with a more extreme copy. You can discuss weight loss, you can post before and after photos etc. Less restrictions ?? Make sure you get in a good Call to Action and detail what they get in your programme!

2. Client Referrals – This can be part of your social media planning. Give out praise, shoutouts, success stories and you will get a load of social proof. Make sure you tag them and you will get lots of eyes on your post ? Lots of their Facebook friends will see this! It’s building exposure and improving KLT.

3. Free Facebook Group – This was a gold mine for us up in North Wales. We didn’t have spare £££ to spend on FB Ads. So, get on Facebook and type in ‘your area name – for sale or community’ and you will see a load of free Facebook groups. Once you’ve found them, join and then maybe once or twice a month post in this group with a great sales post ?

4. Message People – I can tell you on average a person has over 200 friends on Facebook. We can say 10% of those people could be ideal clients. So – get messaging people! Yes, you have to put hard work in here but it is FREE. Don’t go in for the kill straight away, ask them how they’re doing, comment on something you’ve seen on their page. Start conversations, have chats and invite them into your gym community

5. Referrals – We’ve talked about this before. Your clients will have lots of friends who are a similar demographic. Ask your clients to bring their friends to sessions, ask them to share your posts on Facebook. Maybe offer them a t-shirt to say thank you! This is a great way to generate leads and potential clients for free ?

Making the most of these tips will give you great leads. It will take up a bit of time and effort but it is FREE!

David ?

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