5 Tips for Transitioning Your Fitness Business Online

5 Tips for Transitioning Your Fitness Business Online

This week is all about either getting set up online or transitioning online during lockdown

What we’re focussing on today is how to set up to go online if you are transitioning from face to face 💻

Yesterday Tobias shared his experiences in setting up a business as an online trainer

Today, we’re sharing our 5 tips!

Let’s get started ⬇️

1️⃣ Bump up your radius!
If you have been running ads previously you have probably put markers down at 8km because you know that’s the distance people will travel

Now you’re going online

Bump it up a few km, maybe 10 or 12 🚗

It increases awareness but you aren’t going too far

So there’s a good chance you can transition them back into your face to face business if they really love it 😍

2️⃣ Keep your audience wide
When it comes to the ad set of your advert

We need to be careful that we’re not going overkill and choosing too much of what our audience will be like

Unless its super niche

Narrow it down too much and no one will download your free Ebook

This is the initial stage

So we need to allow people to show interest

Start with gender, age and location to begin

Keep your audience wide 🤗

3️⃣Give something away for free
It’s important you know running online ads is very different to running ads for a face to face gym

With face to face you can put ads up with name, email and phone number

Ring them up and invite them for a chat 📞

With online, there’s a barrier

It’s harder for them to build trust to buy from you

So give away something for free

A 5-day free course, a free ebook

Something to get them to engage and get started with your business 😁

So, put out a free lead magnet, get people added to your email list

This way you can then run a retargeting ad

And start to build up a pool of potential leads and condense it down to people most likely to buy from you 💰

4️⃣ Run a retargeting ad
Lets say you ran a free 7 day meal plan for everyone over 30

In step 4 we want to retarget them with either a webinar, a testimonial video or a free course

So you are showing better quality content to people who have already shown interest

That way you are warming up your leads! 🔥

5️⃣ Sell!
These leads are now relatively warm

They know a bit about you

Now we retarget again, with an opportunity to purchase from you 💸

This could be done via an application form or straight to sales page

This is your final step to convince this cold lead from a couple of days ago

To come and buy from you 💸

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

Those are the steps I would suggest if you are trying to transition online to keep your business going and then transition back when lockdown is over

Online ads are far harder than face to face ads simply because of trust and knowledge 🤯

It’s way harder to sell online when someone doesn’t know a lot about you

This is far lengthier than a face to face programme

But it’s all about building that trust

And that’s why it’s important to have these processes in place 🙌🏻

David 🙂

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