5 Tips for Successfully Chasing Leads

5 Tips for Successfully Chasing Leads

This week is all about chasing those leads and making those sales

Chasing the leads is the hardest part of the entire process

Yesterday Pete Drinkwater shared his expert views, tips and some insight into chasing leads

And today is Top Tip Tuesday ??

And today is all about what happens when someone presses submit on that Facebook Ad

How we can make sure they go from a prospect to a successful lead in a smooth transition

So, let’s get started ??

Here are 5 Tips for Successfully Chasing Leads

1️⃣ Thank-You Page – The first thing you should definitely do is thank them for submitting their details. On that page, thank them and explain to them what will happen next. That way then they know when you will next contact them.

2️⃣ Automated Text Message – We use Zapier and Click-Send. The reason we send this is that you need to let them know you have their details and you will be in contact. They might apply on their mobile on the way to work and then completely forget all about it once they are home. An automated text is a great reminder and confirmation of their application.

3️⃣ Automated Email Follow – Up Series
Over the next 5-7 days they get an email with more information on the programme, answering frequently asked questions and sharing success stories. Break down these fear barriers and provide like & trust. Plus, add a call to action at the end!

4️⃣ Lead Tracker – Use a spreadsheet or Trello to manage your leads. Set it up in Zapier so it automatically adds their details in. This is a great way to keep track of your leads, how many times you’ve contacted them etc.

5️⃣ 4-Week Follow Up – You’ve tried to contact them 5+ times and you’re just not having any luck. Stick them into a 4-week follow up list. This is an automated text sent 4 weeks after they applied. For example ‘Hi NAME, I noticed 4 weeks ago you requested more information about our 6 week programme. At the time we weren’t able to get into contact with you but I want to share an insight into one of the ladies who applied and joined at roughly the same time as you. She’s lost half a stone, comes regularly and has really benefited from our nutritional guidance’. A simple message like that may get them to get back into contact ??

Incorporate all 5 of these into your lead chasing, it is going to make your life easier

We normally focus on generating leads on this channel, but once we’ve done this we HAVE to make sure we chase them successfully ??

David 🙂

P.S. Feeling ready to chase those leads but need help with generating them? Drop us a message for more information on our Ads Management Service ?

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