5 RULES of a Lead Generating Website

5 RULES of a Lead Generating Website

A website is one of your most powerful lead generating tools you have in your business, that is if it works ?

Yet most people have a website that just sits there and does nothing

This is probably because you are not following the 5 RULES of a Lead Generating Website ?

Let’s start with: Make Prospects Want To Stay ?

The bounce rate is one thing we ALL need to work on, this is the length of time someone stays on the first page they land on before clicking off the website

If we can get them to click someone on that page or scroll down the page to keep reading, we improve our bounce rate.

So rule 1. Improve Your Bounce Rate!

This takes us perfectly into the second rule

Make the website relatable

There is nothing worse for a female/mum prospect who is looking to lose weight and boost confidence when the first picture she sees on the website is a picture of a ripped guy with his shirt off

That’s not going to make them want to stay!!!

We need to be relatable

We need pictures of people like her having fun, pictures of people like her getting results

We even need to talk her language

So rule 2: Make Your Website Relatable

Now if we look at RULE 1, this makes RULE 3 really key

Making your website easy to navigate

So the aim of a website is to generate leads, but if a prospects struggles to navigate around the website then this isn’t going to happen

Your website needs to flow, just like your PT sessions

You don’t go straight into a deadlift, so don’t make them have to pay right away ?

Make it super easy for them to:

✅ Learn about you, and why you do what you do

✅ Show them the results you get your clients

✅ Show them places where they can opt in for free downloads

So rule 3: Making Your Website Easy To Navigate

Next start generating leads ?

Does the prospect really want your lead magnet?

If we go back to rule 2, where we talked about making you website relatable

This is exactly the same for the lead magnets you offer on your website

Your need to make sure the prospect really wants the lead magnet you have

For example, the mum we talked about isn’t going to want to download the “5 Best Exercises For Big Traps”, or “Ultimate Meal Prep Guide TO Getting Ripped”

So rule 4: Make sure they want the lead magnet

Something we focus on inside “The Portal” is generating leads and improving their journey from prospect to client

With one of the biggest focuses being on the landing pages to make people want to opt in

This is what rule 5 is all about

➡️ Your website now talks to the prospect
➡️ They have looked around and like what you do
➡️ They see a link to a lead magnet they would love to download

They land on the page and then get super confused because they don’t know what they need to do

A landing page need to simple have one option, and that is to collect their details

If you are taking them to a page to leave their details, but also on that page is a link for your Facebook Page, a link to the contact form, a link to your Before & Afters, and a load of the things going on

Then this lead magnet isn’t getting downloaded

So rule 5: Make the landing page super simple to generate you that lead

These are just 5 things you can work on that is massively going to help you start generating leads

There are a load more I could give you, but if you focus on these 5 and keep repeating them and making them better

You will start to notice the results

David 🙂

PS… Simply drop me a message on Facebook, and will let you know fro FREE what your website need to improve on: https://facebook.com/fitprowebdesign/

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