5 Posts Perfect For Your Social Media

Yesterday Catherine shared her experiences with copy-writing

It was a great guest interview and if you’re looking to write your own compassionate style of copy definitely go and check it out 🙌🏻

Today I want to share 5 posts that are perfect for social media

Then, you can use what Catherine discussed yesterday to really make these posts stand out, generate interest and increase that know, like & trust ❗️

1️⃣ Make it Personal

The first one I want to talk about is a personal post, a story, things you dont talk about much often

If people dont know you, have just discovered you…its a great way to build that KLT 😁

If all you ever show is fitness, healthy eating

Open up, share successes, failures, allow people to get to know you

And they will reach out 💬

2️⃣ Behind the scenes

And this works well with every industry

People love to know what happens in your business ➡️

Talk about other things happening at the back end of your business

Photos of you putting together your welcome packs

Videos of you building new equipment 📹

Give people an insight into what they might expect when training with you

3️⃣ Success Stories

Don’t just go for simple one-off photo with a short sentence

Try to add a story to it 😇

If your client is happy for you to share….

Talk about where they came from, challenges they’ve pushed through, make this person relatable to prospective clients 💪🏻

4️⃣ Fun Call-To-Action Posts

This is one of our favourite ones and sparks the engagement…for example

‘Where is the first place you will visit when flight restrictions lift’ ✈️

These type of posts encourage people to comment

Then, once they’ve interacted with your post

They will see loads more of your future posts 😅

Plus, its a great way to find something in common with someone

Drop them a DM…and build that KLT

5️⃣ Top Tips

We always do this on a Tuesday

Top Tips Tuesday has a lovely ring to it 💍

Everyone loves a top tip

So once a week do a post

Make sure they’re aimed at your target audience

Literally can be 1 sentence on each tip 😎

And people will want to read them

So, I hope these 5 different approaches to social media posts helped you

David 🙂

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