4 Ways To Generate Extra Revenue In Your Business

4 Ways To Generate Extra Revenue In Your Business

This week is all about how to generate that extra bit of revenue in your business to help you purchase additional equipment or things you need for your business

Yesterday Sean talked all about his workshop, a 3 hour long session, clients paid extra towards this and all the money went towards making the business better

Today we’re giving you 4 additional ways to generate extra revenue in your business

1️⃣ Clothing Order – we’ve talked about this previously. A great way to boost income. Just put out a post in the members only area that you’re doing an order and ask people if they want in. Plus, put out different colours, different slogans and people will want to keep up to date ?? £5 profit on even just 20-30 items will give you a great bit of extra cash.

2️⃣ Yearly Memberships – a great way to generate a significant amount of money. Add 3,4, or 5 memberships available to pay for a year upfront. This would be at a discounted rate. Say you charge £100 a month you would give them the opportunity to pay for the whole year at a rate that averages to £90 a month. Make sure you only offer a low amount of places because you want to make sure you have a good cash flow throughout the year and not end up having it in all at once and have to manage and spread it out yourself throughout the year.

3️⃣ Upsale – upselling clients onto different programmes is a great way to make some more money. We have a team training programme and a small group programme. So, if like us you run two programmes (TT & SG)…consider whether there are any clients you think you could upsell onto your SG programme!

Plus, we’re also considering a 12-week accelerator programme, this would be priced higher than our normal programme. Why? It is for 12 weeks only and they get more support, more accountability, additional access to coaches and client care managers. Maybe we would only take on 3-5 people but we would ask for the money upfront and of course, that’s more than double the amount we would normally get for your standard 6 week programme – and all at once. So a great way to generate extra cash if you need it.

4️⃣ Retreat – this is a favourite. Once you’ve figured out where you want to go and how much it will cost, add a little extra onto the price to cover you and the staff you want to take with you. So, let’s say the holiday is £200…if you charge £250 and everyone pays that price it will cover you and your staff to also go on that trip. Not up for a retreat? Try something smaller like a beach event or a mountain climb. Charge a little more money then you need. Provide the value, the fun, the experience and you can make some extra cash whilst you do it.

So if you need to boost quick cash into your business, these are great ways you can generate extra revenue

David 🙂

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