4 Tips on Recycling Content

4 Tips on Recycling Content

Yesterday we talked with Sheree who discussed her transition experience moving her Yoga business online, so if you haven’t checked it out already…head over to the blog!

This week there is no topic, we’re just going with the flow ??

As it’s Top Tips Tuesday we’re going to discuss 4 tips on Recycling Content

Being active on social media is key, it needs to be consistent and we need to build KLT (know, like & trust)

Future clients will have a better idea of who you are and what you stand for and they will be more likely to join you

But, this can be SO time-consuming

Recycling is a great way to save on time…so here are our 4 tips on recycling content

1️⃣Creator Studio – if you post regularly on Facebook you will probably use creator studio. This also has analytics on how well your previous posts have done. Use this to see which posts have done the best (likes, comments, clicks). Go back and see what was popular, put a different spin on it and go again ??

2️⃣Topics List – Following on from creator studio. If you want to get even more organised (and save time in the future) note down all the topics that have been successful in the past. Then, you’ve got a list of topics you can refer to all the time but come from different angles.

3️⃣Re-share Platform – You can do this on both Insta & Facebook. If you’re struggling for content there’s nothing wrong with sharing someone elses post. Just put your own spin on it at the beginning or simply say ‘what a great post, you guys should see this too!’. Yes, it promotes someone elses name to your audience but it’s also showing your audience the type of stuff you believe in and recommend to them.

4️⃣Content Planner – Build out a content planner. Create a table that has a topic and idea for each day and this will make your life much easier. It gives you a building block for your posts.

These are 4 ways you can recycle old content to make your life much easier. Remember we need to be posting often to make sure you’re building KLT!

David 🙂

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