4 Tips for Organic Leads

4 Tips for Organic Leads

This week is all about organic marketing

Yesterday we had our Guest Interview with Joe Mitton on Organically Growing a Worldwide Online Business ?

If you’re in the FitPro Lead Gen with Dave! you will see a post he did the other day where he says he’s averaging 10 organic sales per day

if you aren’t in the group or you didn’t see yesterdays interview, go back and check that out ??

1) Social media – organic marketing really does start online. So really utilise Facebook & Instagram. The free Facebook group is key. It’s all about building value and trust and a brilliant way of free marketing.

2) Emails – you will have paid for their email address but a lot of us forget to send out newsletters or updates. Make the most of this – it’s key to any sort of organic lead! Keep them up to date, build the know, like and trust. Add in a call to action at the bottom of an email that leads them into a sale.

3) Businesses – Link up with a few local businesses and offer a special deal for them to work with you. You can use their knowledge and experience to your advantage. Think about where your target audience shop, where do they spend their money? Link up with them specifically and boost your organic reach

4) Current Client Referrals – these are the people who will shout out about you because they love what you do. They love the community and family environment you provide, and this is why they’re the perfect people to tell the world about you. Offer them something in return to say a big thank-you

Those are the 4 organic marketing strategies we’re going to talk about today. The simplest ones to get you started

Try to work on them and your ad spend will be a lot lower ??

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