Your website is too confusing ?

Your website is too confusing ?

I get at least 1 FitPro each week dropping me a message asking for some tips on making their website better

One of the first things I tell them to do is join The FitPro Portal 😉

As it has everything you need to know about web design

So I got her to send over the link to the website

I landed on the page and WOW!!!

I thought my head was going to explode ?

There were offers for this, and that

Services, images, videos, text, and pop ups

You name it… This website had it

So I pressed X to get off it, as this was going to take more than just a few tips


Now here is the problem

When I landed on that website, there were offers for all kind of different things

And barely a flow to what I needed to do next to potentially buy a service or product

So when it comes to your website, here are a few things to consider:

Keep It Simple… Don’t go over complicating it with a million different things. You aim is simply to get people through the door, on the phone, to buy directly off the website or join your email list

Make sure there is a flow… People like to be guided, a simple path to follow that you direct them on what to do. It can be as simple as an explanation about the product, the benefits, the results and how to get started

Make It Easy To Use… Similar to the flow, the website needs to be easy to use. If you tell me something is on a page, I don’t want to be spending 2-3 minutes trying to locate it.

Make It Mobile Friendly… Again same as above, I don’t want to have to be zooming in to read the text or everything looking all over the place

Have A Colour Scheme… Colourful website just confuses the viewer and takes away your brand and meaning. Stick to your company colours, or keep to no more than 3 colours

Those 5 are just a few simple guidelines we follow when we build clients site and training we share inside The FitPro Portal

It makes your life easier, and it makes the prospects life easier ?

David 🙂

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