Your website, the place people go to check you out… Should be your lead generating machine

A place where prospects go and leave by handing over their details

Just like you going into a shop, you walk out having handed over money

Your website should do exactly the same, but with generating new FRESH leads ?

Therefore, if your website ISN’T doing that, then listen up….


First of all, the best way to start generating leads is making it more obvious about to viewers to leave their details

You see people LOVE to be told what to do… So tell them❗️

“Claim your FREE…. By entering your details here”

“Where should we send you more information?”

By making it super easy for someone to leave their details, you are always going to be collecting leads

?? This brings us perfectly on to the contact page

When someone wants to ask you a question, to get in contact to find out more

They don’t want to have to start searching around the website to find this page

Make it super easy for them to find it, have a link in the menu bar, have a contact form on the bottom of every page

Make it easy

?? Next, we have the Facebook Messenger features

( Full training on how to install can be found in The Portal ?)

Facebook is by far ones of the most trusted source in the world

We hear people quoting from it all the time

So having something a viewer is familiar with and trust, not only makes messaging you easier

But they don’t feel pressured to have to leave contact details on anything

?? Your lead magnet

Most people come to your website to check you out, they often don’t come to buy straight away

This means we need to build KLT, and in turn, make sure they leave the website having to commit to something

For this, there is nothing better than a Lead Magnet ?

A simple giveaway makes the viewer want to know more

Our example is an easy 7 Day Meal Plan

And that brings us to the end of our 6 Step Website Journey ?

If you have missed any of them, head over the blog to catch up on the past 5:

David 🙂

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