You Never Know Who Is Watching You

You Never Know Who Is Watching You

Quick reminder… you never actually know who is watching you

Holly & Elsie have started going to spin class at the local Pure Gym

The last 2 times they have been the instructor was helpful, fun, friendly, excited and motivated to do the workout

Yesterday was the first time Willow joined them

It was a different instructor

He wasn’t on the bike, just standing next to it

He didn’t check everyone in or show Willow how to use the bike

The music was loud & he wasn’t putting effort into his instructions so no one could hear him ??

His shoulders were slumped

And you could tell he didn’t really want to be there ?

Now, say if we were looking for staff – it’s obvious which one we would go for

So, here’s the thing

You never know whos watching you

Your social media presence, your emails

People will always be checking you out to see if you’re a good fit for them

And it all comes down to Know, Like & Trust

If they see boring generic posts

Or videos of you PT’ing and you aren’t passionate & involved ?

Then the people viewing this content won’t feel this is the right place for them

And it’s the same for us

We’ve seen this brilliant spin PT and now if we’re ever looking for staff we may well approach him ?

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

And this is something we always talk about in staff meetings

We have clients who travel 15-30 minutes to come to the gym

They’ve had a stressful day ?

And this hour they spend with us will be their favourite hour of the day

This is why it’s so important we encourage our staff to be friendly, to be motivating, to be chatty

So, is your content on social media good enough to get people excited?

And are you motivating and engaging with your current clients enough?

Otherwise you run the risk of demotivating them

Make sure you and your staff are on top of this ??

David 🙂

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