You Might Be Missing Out On Leads Without This Tip!

This week was ALL about lead gen

On Tuesday Darragh talked all things email marketing

Wednesday, we shared 5 ways to generate leads

And yesterday, we looked at creating an eco-system

Today though, I have a super important foundational tip for you 


Now, it’s all well and good setting up all these lead gen systems

But to really make sure we get the best results possible

We need to keep track

If you’re pushing cash into Facebook ads, Youtube ads, Google ads…

You need to keep track! 

What works best and why?


Same goes for emails, get used to tracking, to seeing what is working 

You might send out 3 different headlines and see which headline got the best open rates 

You could also send them at different times in the day and track that too


Same for social media, when do you get most traction? Test out different times 

Keeping track will make all the difference to the leads you get 

The more leads, the faster your fitness business will grow 😎

Have a great weekend all 

David 🙂 

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