Why it’s okay to SUCK at copy with Facebook Ads 🤓

Time To Read: 3 minutes

If you need leads FAST 💨

Then you need to be running Facebook Ads

Thing is…

Not all of us are blessed when it comes to writing amazing content that draws a user in & literally makes them take action

For me, I just simply write what I know & add no thrills

Others, just have this knack… you are reading their post, blog, or guide & get more & more pulled in to take action

📖 Just like a well-written book that you just can’t put down

But here is the thing 🤓

You don’t actually have to be a genius copywriter to have amazing success with Ads

Facebook ads are all about interrupting a user from scrolling

The opposite of Google Search Ads, where the user was actively looking for something you have to offer

This means the copy in the ad doesn’t have to be the best thing since sliced bread 🍞

What does, is your image or video, also known as your…


✅ Your image & video does all the heavy lifting in the first few seconds

✅ It’s the creative that catches their attention, that stops them from scrolling further

✅ That get’s then to take the first action

The creative then gives you a lot of headroom to work out how you are going to write your copy

& when it comes to your copy, you don’t need to overcomplicate it 🤓

There have been times when all we have done is put one sentence as the copy

✍️ For example…

“Cardiff Over 30s Men, This Is For You 👇”

Followed by the creative 📸

Honestly, if you are not great at writing copy for your ads, then keep it simple ⬇️

🗣 Calling Cardiff Over 30s Men That Are Looking To Change The Way They Look & Feel This Summer

🗣 Our next 6 week challenge for busy Cardiff men starts in the coming weeks & we are limiting our next intake to just 10 more men

🗣 If this sounds like your type of thing, then click the button below & register your interest


Yet, as I write all of this, I am now thinking back to some of the images & videos we have used lately 🤣

& guess what??

They have all been, simple, easy to create & straight to the point 💪

Now if you would love to…

✅ Never have to think about writing your own ads copy again
✅ Never have to try and design a master piece creative again
✅ Never have to struggle to generate leads again

Then we would love to welcome you inside The FitPro Portal 🙌

First 30 days, just £1 —>> www.TheFitProPortal.com

David 🙂

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