Where it started


Maybe you already know a bit about my backstory. If you do, sorry for banging on about it again. If you don’t, I think understanding where I came from will help you understand how I can help you grow your fitness business to consistent £10k months.

Getting my head around this one thing helped me perfect my system for generating leads for my own fitness business and loads of other FitPros I work with.

That one thing?

My mum!

You can read about it here:


I told you I’d let you know about something new today though. And I’m a man of my word…

Imagine transforming your business into a lead generating machine. We’ve done it for our own business, now you can learn our proven strategies for:

  • Smoothly generating at least £10,000 every month.
  • Controlling & knowing the amount of leads you get from advertising.
  • Reducing the time and effort you spend on marketing.
  • Knowing the future of your business even in tough times.

This 10 week course starts on 22nd March – don’t miss the cutoff!



PS Signups close on Sunday

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