What is your “WHY”?

Time To Read: 3 minutes

What is your “WHY”?

What I mean to say is what do you actually want to achieve?

If you know exactly what you want to achieve and the “WHY” behind it then anything is possible

You probably already say this type of stuff to your clients

But it is 100% the exact same formula you should be following too

It is just the same from when I take on a new Facebook Ads or Social Media Management client

We ask them what they actually want to achieve in the next 3, 6 & 12 month

Then “WHY” they actually want to achieve this

Because when we know their “WHY” it is so much easier for them to tell us what they want so we can produce the results

So quick task for today… Write down 5 things you really want to achieve in the next 12 weeks

Next to each one, write down the reason “WHY” you want to achieve it

Then pick the most powerful one as the one to drive your business forward in the next 12 weeks

David ?

PS… and if you are serious about achieving serious goals in the next 12 weeks, then hit reply and let me know

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