What a Root Canal has taught me about sales…

What a Root Canal has taught me about sales…

I have had the worst few days ever

It was my birthday on the 5th, and I spent it in the dentist having a checkup because of the pain in my back tooth

Next day I was back in, having a root canal treatment

The few days leading up to all this…

? I struggled to sleep
? I struggled to eat
? I struggled to get any work done

The pain was just too much, I had to get it sorted❗️

The only option I had was to pay the price and get it fixed

A massive £1200 to get me pain free, sleeping, eating and working again

In other words, the pain was greater, than the pain of having to pay that amount

So the next time someone says that your programme is too expensive… You are not showing how their pain can be removed by investing in it

Take the most common issue of weight loss for example

? Lack of confidence
? Always tired
? Can’t keep up with the kids
? Miss out on social events
? Buying bigger clothes all the time
? Relationship issues
? Lack of confidence in the bedroom
? Can’t get in an airplane seat

If you can find out what their real pain is, and show them that your programme will eradicate it

Then you will have a sale

Just look at The Portal

If you just can’t generate leads, and your business is on the verge of closing

Then £10 for your first 30 days to teach you how to generate leads and save your business is a no brainer right?

You find their pain, you show them how you can help fix it

And the sales will come ?

I’m back

David 🙂

PS… Ready to join The Portal? Then let’s get you signed up: https://fitprowebdesign.com/get-started

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