Today is the perfect EXAMPLE ?

Today is the perfect EXAMPLE ?

After watching Juventus win last night in Turin

Today we are back on the train and heading over to Switzerland ??

In particular, a place called Montreux

So while sat on the train here scrolling through Facebook

It suddenly struck me that this would be the perfect example for something a lot of FitPros struggle with

Getting your application forms completed

After all, we all know that if a lead completed an application form with the price on it

They are going to be a much better lead

So this example…

The train I am sat on is busy

People sat to my right and left

People moving around

Plus the train keeps stopping

Imagine at the same time I have just had a stressful morning at home

Maybe the kids had been driving me crazy

So as this prospect is sat on the train

Scrolling through Facebook

They see your advert which they like, they then give you their name, email and phone

Then land on the application form

They have a quick scroll, see some of the questions are asking for more than a single sentence

And realise that now just isn’t a great time to complete this application form

It is going to require a little brainpower and a less stressful place to sit and complete it

So if you are expecting application forms to get completed and they don’t

It isn’t your FAULT

Often leads are just not in the right place to sit and get them completed

There is though… a way to boost your application form competing rate ?

It all starts when the lead completes the landing page section

We want them to then get a flow of email follow-ups over the next few days

Emails that are going to build trust, deliver value and encourage this lead to now go and complete the application form

So if you haven’t got one of these sorted

Go get it done this week ?

Or come and join us inside The FitPro Portal and use 1 of ours ?

David 🙂

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