The YouTube Playlist I Forgot About 😱

I was scrolling through the Fitpro Lead Generation YouTube channel the other day

Adding a few new videos and updating the descriptions and tags when I noticed a training series I had completely forgotten about

It was one I created all the way back at the start of the year called: The Simple Formula To 5 Clients In The First 7 Days of January

And I can’t believe how much detail I went into when I recorded it πŸ™Œ

It is all about how to create a Facebook Ad, including:

βœ… How to write the copy
βœ… How to access Ads Manager and create an advert
βœ… How to find your leads and then chase them to book them in
βœ… Plus how to conduct a sales process and take payment at the end

It is a training series that you 100% want to check out if you…

πŸ’ͺ Don’t know how to get started with Facebook Ads
πŸ’ͺ Struggle to chase the leads
πŸ’ͺ Struggle to sell to the leads

Here is the link to check it out:

David πŸ™‚

Ps… if you liked this training, then this is the type of stuff we have inside The FitPro Portal πŸ™Œ

Come join us today for just Β£1 – >>

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