The Top 6 Things You Should Gift To Your New Clients

When a new member joins us at DKnine, we give them a tote bag with our logo on it right away

You see…

They’ve paid and we want to make sure they leave here with something πŸ’ͺ

πŸŽ’ Inside this bag we have :

βœ… An achievement card – they could put it on their fridge, use it to plan their aims & goals for the next 6-weeks, why it’s important to them etc. A great source of motivation

βœ… A protein bar – who doesn’t want a tasty gift?

βœ… Welcome manual – this explains everything about what happens here at DKnine fitness so they know exactly how the process will run. It isn’t long… just 5/6 small pages

βœ… T-shirt voucher – this gives them a FREE t-shirt. All they need to do is return the voucher to us to claim it. You see, this t-shirt makes them feel part of the team

βœ… MyZone belt voucher – we gave them Β£20 off and subsidise the cost ourselves. This way they’re far more likely to buy one and in turn, feel part of the team

βœ… Bring a friend – if they can recommend a friend it makes a huge difference to our referral campaigns, it’s a great way to get extra clients without spending ££ on ads

So, do you give your new clients a welcome bag?

This makes a huge difference to them feeling welcome to the programme and excited about joining 😎

David πŸ™‚

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