The Top 6 Things You Should Gift To Your New Clients

When a new member joins us at DKnine, we give them a tote bag with our logo on it right away

You see…

They’ve paid and we want to make sure they leave here with something 💪

🎒 Inside this bag we have :

✅ An achievement card – they could put it on their fridge, use it to plan their aims & goals for the next 6-weeks, why it’s important to them etc. A great source of motivation

✅ A protein bar – who doesn’t want a tasty gift?

✅ Welcome manual – this explains everything about what happens here at DKnine fitness so they know exactly how the process will run. It isn’t long… just 5/6 small pages

✅ T-shirt voucher – this gives them a FREE t-shirt. All they need to do is return the voucher to us to claim it. You see, this t-shirt makes them feel part of the team

✅ MyZone belt voucher – we gave them £20 off and subsidise the cost ourselves. This way they’re far more likely to buy one and in turn, feel part of the team

✅ Bring a friend – if they can recommend a friend it makes a huge difference to our referral campaigns, it’s a great way to get extra clients without spending ££ on ads

So, do you give your new clients a welcome bag?

This makes a huge difference to them feeling welcome to the programme and excited about joining 😎

David 🙂

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