The number one reason Ads just don’t work ?

The number one reason Ads just don’t work ?

Did you check out last nights episode with Lianne❓❓

It was a great insight into how to get your fitness business into your local press and the media

Any way…

Learning how to run ads changed my life forever ?

I went from literally being unable to beg people to want to work with me

To having too many leads to deal with ?

I have said this story many time: it took me just 2 months to get to 20 clients by using ads ?

And still…

Back then, this number one reason that ads just don’t work was around

And you know what

This one single reason is going to be around forever ?

And this issue isn’t actually and ads issue

Let me put it another way…

You have a brand new client

Someone who has NEVER, EVER, EVER set foot in a gym before

Never mind hires a PT ?️‍♂️

And you simply tell them to do a Turkish Get Up

All you say to them is: lie down with a kettlebell

Then stand up while keeping that kettlebell at the highest point

They would get it wrong EVERY SINGLE time right❓

Potentially hurting themselves in the process

Or in your case –>> Costing you ££ / $$

The best way to teach the Turkish Get Up is breaking it down into key stages, then giving key indicators or markers to aim for

Exactly the same with your ads

These key markers are…

✅ Cost per click

✅ Cost per lead

✅ Cost per sale

After all, anyone can boot a post and hope for the best ?‍♂️

But if you don’t have these key areas marked to know what to look for

You are going to be just like that person trying to do a Turkish Get Up

Any way…

I am actually adding a brand new course into The FitPro Portal to make sure the members have these areas and key indicators nailed to almost guarantee a return on investment when they run ads ?

Understand these numbers and never struggle with ads again ?

David 🙂

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