Struggle with content and FB Ad Copy?

Struggle with content and FB Ad Copy?

In the office here at DKnine Fitness

I have 2 big black books filled with consultation notes

✅ Notes about why the prospect is sat in front of me

✅ Notes as to why they need my help

✅ Notes on what they are struggling with

✅ Notes about why they decided now was a good time to start

Notes, notes, notes

Then every 6 months or so, we send out a survey to the current clients

Asking them how they have been getting on, what they would like to change


? What was life like before they joined us?

? Why did they choose us over the other gyms?

? What has changed since joining us?

Your clients hold your best content, they literally give you the best Facebook Ads Copy

All you need to do is…


David 🙂

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