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Hi, I’m David Kyle, owner of DKnine Fitness, Cardiff

I know the pain of unsuccessful lead generation – I’ve been there.

I started my fitness business running outdoor bootcamps and would never know how many new clients I would have turning up, nevermind not knowing how much I would earn month on month. Worrying about losing just one or two clients would keep me up at night thinking about how I’d provide for my family.

If I went through a dry patch things were even worse. It was like I was blindfolded – never in control of the leads I won or lost – I just worked with what I had and hoped for the best.

Things had to change… I needed a reliable system.

When I started to figure out how to generate leads for DKnine it blew up faster than I expected. We started having a huge impact on the lives of 100s of clients in our target market, and it got to the point that other FitPros were getting curious about how we were doing it. 

At this point, I started looking at what had caused this rapid success. That’s when I noticed that I had created a brand around one person’s needs. By doing that I’d found a secret formula that had been attracting leads. It was shaping us into a unique brand all this time. 

The one person in question was my mother…

DKnine was formed around her health and fitness journey. It attracted masses of clients. We started understanding what glues clients to a particular fitness brand and we were able to develop our lead generation strategy – and share it with other gym owners leading us to have an impact on 1000s of people around the world.

All because of my mum.`

The fact is, lead generation can be a nightmare because:

  1. It takes up time you don’t feel you have
  2. Every new online tip you see feels like an expensive gamble
  3. You’re passionate about fitness, not marketing

I started The FitPro Lead Generation Service to give you the exact systems I use to generate a constant flow of leads for my own Fitness Business & the 100’s of Ads Clients I have around the world.

Stop building marketing campaigns or setting up ads just hoping they’ll work – let us put in place exactly what converts every time and generate the sales you need to grow to your £10k target.

We’re repackaging stuff that used to work a few years ago like other fitness marketing teams – our team is working, experimenting and learning constantly to bring you the tools you need that are working NOW.

Our system is specifically designed to start generating leads for fitness businesses only. You will often find ‘one-size-fits-all’ Facebook Ads services. These end up being vague, generic, and a waste of your time and money.

That’s not us. We live and breathe in the fitness industry first, and only use what we already know is working.

The Fit Pro Lead Generation Service takes your fitness business from where you are to the income you deserve.

£10k months consistently, sustainably and without working 24/7 might sound too good to be true, but it’s within your reach – just like putting in the reps at the gym if you take the right steps and put in the work you can achieve the results you desire.

But don’t take my word for it - here’s what FitPro Lead Generation Service clients have to say about our results:

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