Social Media Tools to Up Your Social Media Game

Social Media Tools to Up Your Social Media Game

This week is all about social media

Yesterday we started off with Josh Mullin’s interview on creating a free Facebook group and monetising from it

Carrying on with this theme we’re going to discuss 4 tools you need to use right away to up your social media game and save you hours in the process

Social media is all about KLT – know, like and trust

You need people to know you, like you, trust you and then they will buy from you

1) Post Scheduling – If you have an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook group and page and don’t want to post all 4 of these places individually then a post scheduler is perfect for you. We use for our posts. This allows us to schedule in advance and save time instead of posting manually day in and day out.

2) Graphic Designs – creating better quality images and graphics. It’s important your images match your brand. Create a template that stands out amongst the crowd and follows the theme and feel of your business. We want the user who sees your post to automatically recognise that it belongs to you. We use and its great. You can then download your image and schedule it through

3.Video Editing – Video allows us to show more about what we do as a business and allows us to explain things better than we can in an image. We use 3 different great tools. Firstly, if we’re making a video of our clients working out and using an IPhone we upload it into an app called Quik. It creates a great little mash-up. Or, if you’re on Android you can use an app called FilmoraGo. The final one I want to discuss is InShot. It allows you to square your videos and add a header and a footer to make them really stand out. If you aren’t already – utilise videos to promote your business!

4.Free Facebook Group – its an incubator! We generate leads and push them into this free group. We keep delivering content and this makes it so much easier for us to build KLT. Then, when you’re ready you make the offer. Just keep filtering in people to this group who are interested and who know, like and trust you.

Or, maybe you simply don’t have the time to write, create images and schedule your social media posts? In The Portal we have 30 social media posts with canva designs EVERY MONTH for you to use.

Or maybe you simply don’t have the time to edit our designs and schedule the posts? We also offer a Social Media Management Service where we do ALL of this for you

Find out more here:

David 🙂

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