Should he open studio 3?

Running a successful Fitness Business comes down to 3 simple things…

1️⃣ generate leads

2️⃣ make sales

3️⃣ keep clients

And this picture shows how one ad client is getting on 💪

We at FitPro Lead Gen run his ads, so his lead requirements are taken care of ✅

He then has a lady who chases down the leads ✅

He himself conducts the sales sessions ✅

Then the rest of his team, coach & keep the clients happy ✅

Leading to 100% retention from the 6 week entry offer into his fitness business 💪


1️⃣ generate leads

2️⃣ make sales

3️⃣ keep clients

And just like this ad client, unit 3 maybe not far off 🙌

Which brings us on to The FitPro Portal 🤓

Myself and my team coach you over the next 8 weeks to build the foundations to a 10k p/m Fitness Business 💪

1️⃣ we start by Understanding The Key Numbers of Growth

2️⃣ next we Craft Your Entry & Long Term Offers (remember retention is KEY)

3️⃣ then we Build Your Lead Generating Eco-System (ensuring you have leads coming in daily, online & offline, free & paid)

4️⃣ now it’s time to start Chasing & Contacting Your Laser Targeted Leads

5️⃣ finally we need to Mastering The Arts of Sales & Selling

6️⃣ and then we move into Continued Fitness Business Growth (there is no point stopping at 10k right?)

We help you build all this while also being coached along the way by myself and the team 😎

Yesterday when we opened up the first 10 spaces at an introductory price of just £299

2 spaces were snapped up right away 😏

So if you are ready…

Ready to open studio 1, 2 or more?

Ready to build and eco-system that keeps producing leads?

Ready to hit your own financial and time off goals?

Then come and join us 👇 

David 🙂

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