Q: Should I use videos? Someone said they are better than images 🧐

This 👆 is a great question & one we get asked a lot

A question that unfortunately, doesn’t have a simple answer

🛑 We have talked many times how your ads on any platform, need to the user scrolling, when they land on your advert/post, because it catches their attention

Which brings us onto, what is going to grab their attention 🤓

If video is the route you want to go down, then a few things you will need to consider are…

✅ The length of the video, the longer it is, the quicker you will lose them

✅ Does the video require them to listen? If so, we NEED to get subtitles for those who are not in a position to have the sound on

✅ Does the video reflect what it is you do or are you talking/showing them things that have nothing to do with what they get

✅ Finally, is the video interesting for them to keep watching & take action on what you ask them to do

All of this, will play a big part in the decision of do you go image or video

Your target audience will also be something to consider, including how much time they spend just scrolling & how often they even log-in

After all, as they say… A picture ‘CAN’ paint a thousand words 😏

Okay… this might sound like we are a little more biased towards images 🤣

But the biggest reason for saying what I did at the start, is simply, we don’t have a simple answer because…

What you post in 1 location, may get a very different response to what you post to another location just 5 miles down the road

Seriously, we see HUGE differences in cities across the UK & around the world, when we run ads for our clients

That is why, we must ALWAYS be split testing & checking in on the ads a few times a week to ensure we can keep the cost down 💪

What have you seen work for you?

DK 🤓

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