Our Short Term & Long Term Client Stages

This week has been all about short term and long term business

We started the week off with Shane Nugent where he discussed goal setting and focussing on your business long-term and not just the quick short-term wins

Then we looked at top tips, we looked at the difference between short term and long term when it comes to finances, generating leads, clients &

But today is all about the Client Cycle πŸ‘‰πŸΌ

This is all about the short term client experience and long-term client experience

Here at DKnine we get someone in for a 6 weeks course but once converted onto monthly, we know we keep a client between 8 and 16 months

So, thats a very big difference in terms of the money made during these 2 time periods

SO, we have to start working out how to keep them engaged and loving DKnine to stay as long as possible:

Week 1️⃣ – The minute they jump on board they get a welcome bag – this is a branded tote bag including a giftcard for a myzone belt, t-shirt & bring a friend, a protein bar, a goals card and an information booklet containing everything they need to know about us

Once they’re on-board they get a 6 week course sent weekly via email including video, text and some downloads to really get them excited

6️⃣ Weeks – Once they have finished their programme they get a certificate off us saying well done for completing your 6 week course. Next we’re going to try and encourage them to buy some more merch such as a t-shirt or a hoodie. This really keeps them motivated as all our clients love to represent DKnine and commit for a longer period of time!

3️⃣ Months – Our aim is to then try and get a successful Facebook and Google review. For example: ‘I know you’ve been here for 3 months now and had brilliant results and are loving it so we would really appreciate if you would give us a Facebook review?’ and if they are a great client and love your business they will be sure to leave you one πŸ™ŒπŸ» Then ask them to copy and paste it onto Google to get your review there too!

6️⃣ Months – We send them a nice 6 month card. Plus if they have hit any weight goals, or member of the month….anything like that to remind them that we really appreciate them staying!

8️⃣ Months – This is usually where people begin to drop off. The key here is to keep them engaged and make sure were introducing new challenges, new events such as charity events, booking events which are in 6 months time which means they’re more likely to stick with you until at least then. You could also look at upgrading them to something different or downgrading them if they’re looking to cut costs

So, that was a quick insight into what we do with our clients here at DKnine

Are you interested in this type of topic? Head over to YouTube and find the Guest Interview with Shane Beard. He goes into great depth as this topic is his passion and that’s why he’s about to open his 4th gym in Sheffield 😎

David πŸ™‚


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