Our Favourite Retargeting Campaign Explained

Our Favourite Retargeting Campaign Explained

So yesterday we talked about how to create a FB retarget advert for just £1

Today I want to move into a retargeting campaign that we use all the time for our online Facebook Ads Clients

Before we get into it, you will need a few things in place to get started

1: An Ebook or Download that your prospects will want to download

2: A thank you page with a CTA

3: An email follow up series after they download the Ebook

Once you have these things in place we can now get started

We first start by creating a Facebook LeadAdvert

Collecting just their name & email

They then get redirected to the Thank You page

These details also get added to the email follow up series

Now once you have this running for a few days and have generated a load of LeadAd leads

You then create your targeting advert where you talk about your offer and only target the people who have downloaded the Ebook

Simply head into the audience in the ad set, create a new audience and select the leadads who have downloaded in the last 30 days

You have then created a really simple retargeting advert that is only being sent to people who have actually consumed your content

David 🙂

Ps… want an in-depth course on all of this and much, much more❓❓

Then come and join us inside The FitPro Portal: www.TheFitProPortal.com

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