New To The Industry? 2 Things to Consider This Weekend

New To The Industry? 2 Things to Consider This Weekend

This week has been all about how to create a programme which keeps clients for as long as possible

I’ve been surprised by the feedback we have had this week

We had a lot of engagement on our 4 tips!

Plus, on Monday, Ash shared his insights into what goes into a great programme

So if you haven’t checked out that guest interview – get on it! πŸ’ͺ🏻

So this week I could go in-depth in what has worked for us and what hasn’t

We’ve tested so many things over the years

But to finish off the week I want to cover 2 key things that make a big difference 2️⃣

Something we haven’t talked about yet was showing recognition to clients

When someone completes 6 weeks they get a certificate

When they lose a certain amount of weight they get another certificate

At the end of the year we have the DKnine Awards πŸ†

Serious ones…
Biggest weight loss
Most inspirational
Most workouts
Funny ones…
Who’s always late
Most colourful hair
And this shows our appreciation and recognition!

This makes them feel special and it’s always a good laugh πŸ˜…

Secondly, we want to keep our clients engaged and having fun and this means variation in sessions


When it comes to the layout of your gym

The equipment you buy makes a really big difference βœ…

The issue with buying leg press machines, treadmills, fixed bench press machines

They are restricted with what they can do and they take up a lot of space

They only have one specific use – yeah you may do variations

But if you have a load of squat racks and moveable benches there is so much more you can do πŸ’ͺ🏻

So when it comes to setting up your gym – we always go for multi-use equipment which don’t take up a load of space

That’s it for this week

Have a great weekend everyone

David πŸ™‚

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