Never judge an Advert by someone else’s screenshot ?

Never judge an Advert by someone else’s screenshot ?

The other day I posted a video about the real costs of running ads

And it got a load of people asking me how they work out their numbers ?

If you haven’t watched it, then I would 100% recommend going to watch this before reading on:

Moving on…

Today I was having a chat with an ads clients

As he had sent over a screenshot from some company that runs ads

Showing that they had generated a client over 100 leads for just 70 pence each

And his question was simple…

How do we get leads for 70 pence???

So I got him to share with me the company that posted the picture

I had a quick check and yeah they had been posting about getting a client over 100 leads for 70 pence

I got back to him and told him to go ask what they cost per sale was

This is the key number we all need to be working towards

Again if you didn’t watch the video from the other day on number go and check it out:

Sure, I have a client in the deep north of Scotland where we are getting leads for roughly the same cost

For the simple reason that he has zero competition in the area

And then I have clients in the major big cities around the world where we are paying £10+ per lead

No matter what your cost per leads is, it is the cost per sales that you need to be focusing on

Okay, here is another way of putting it

The other week, everyone was bashing Joe Wicks for putting out FREE daily workouts

Yet we all know, that 90% of the people doing them are going to see zero results


Because it takes much more than watching a guy workout on YouTube to get results

So the next time you are being swamped with “I can get you leads for x amount”

Go ask them if they have any clients in your area, and what costs they are

Then ask, can you tell you the average cost per sale??

David 🙂

Ps… here is the link again for getting to know your numbers when it comes to running ads:

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