My next credit card will be with…

It’s been about 14 months since we have been open in Cardiff now

It’s also been 14 months since I got a credit card out with a hefty amount in order to get the gym kitted out

Last month… We finished paying it off ?

This month tho, I get a statement saying I have £11 interest left to pay

But I thought I had paid it all off last month❓❓

I jumped on the phone, called them up and was like…..

Why do I need to pay this?

The lady was super nice, saying I paid it too late in the month

And that the interest had been carried over

What she said next, is something you NEED TO CONSIDER

“As I am feeling kind today, I will just wipe that off your account and get it all shut down for you right away”

Say whattttt…

This massive multi-million pound credit card company

Didn’t moan

Weren’t a bunch of wa****’s

They simply said they would wipe it clean

My first thought… What a company to do this

These will definitely be the first people I contact if I ever need a credit card again

Think about it

If they do stuff like this to keep me happy when I leave

What can you do when situations like this come up in our business❓❓

David 🙂


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