Make Sure You Are Keeping On Top Of This…

This week is all about getting your finances in place to make sure we hit the ground running when we re-open

Daniel explained the Profit First Formula and implementing it into your fitness business

Tuesday I shared 4 tips we’re doing at DKnine right now to keep finances in check

Wednesday we looked at your Facebook Ad metrics and explained what each meant to make sure you get the most of it

Today I’ve got a foundational tip for you ✅

This isn’t exactly an exciting topic


Keeping on top of what’s coming in and what’s going out

It also means at the end of the year your accountant bill won’t be so big

Or if you don’t have an accountant…you wont be spending hours or even days sorting it at the end of the year ➡️

So keep things as simple as possible

A simple spreadsheet will do the trick

So you know how much is going in and how much is going out

And at the same time notice any subscriptions you could probably get rid of❗️

When it comes to the end of the year and you have everything in one key spreadsheet

You will save so much time and money 💸

You’re in total control of your finances

And that’s what Daniel explained properly on Monday

So be sure to go and check it out

He gives great advice and tips on keeping your finances in check for your fitness business😇

David 🙂

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