K.I.S 4 Leads

K.I.S 4 Leads

We ? Social media here at DKnine Fitness

We post daily…

Generate interest

And make sales ?

What is even better is that it is FREE to use

So if you are not posting on Social Media

Then you need to have a word with yourself and START RIGHT AWAY ?

Now we have that covered, let’s look at:

K.I.S 4 Leads

A mum of 3 really doesn’t care about the difference between complex carbohydrates & simple CHO

She doesn’t care about the difference between weight training and running

All she wants is to lose the mum-tum and get back into her old clothes

Same for almost every audience you work with

So when it comes to your Social Media

You need to step away from what all these other FitPros are doing in your area

And actually communicate with your audience to build that CRUCIAL KLT

So K.I.S 4 Leads

Or Keep It Simple formula is so simple

You post about the stuff that builds that KLT

➡️ Simple recipes that work for her whole family

➡️ People just like her getting results

➡️ People like her smiling and having fun at your gym

➡️ How simple it is to get started with you

➡️ How quick you can help her get results

We need to win her over and make her trust you

That comes by talking her language and then dangling that hook in front of her

You do this on a daily basis

And the leads will come ?

David 🙂

Ps… I got something awesome coming your way tomorrow that’s free if you struggle with Social Media

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