I Just Struggle To Find The One, But When I Did…

I Just Struggle To Find The One, But When I Did…

We have all been in that situation

We are out shopping for clothes, trying a load of new things on

And nothing just seems to fit

Sometimes you buy it anyway

Other times, you just put it straight back onto the rack

Until that time you find the one

Let’s say it’s a pair of training shoes

Now you have found the one…

✅ The one that fits right

✅ The one that looks right

✅ The one that produces the results you want

You know then, that there is no going back and these are going to be the shoes for the next few years ?

And I can 100% say you, just like we did when we started out…

Jumped from one offer to another with your fitness business

Maybe you started with a free 7 day pass

Then it was the “Money Back” challenge

It may now be the 6 Week Front End Offer (This is what we do at DKnine)

Hopefully, you have now found the one that works for your fitness business ?

Once we found the one that worked for us at DKnine (6 Week Challenge)

We then pushed on hard with the Ads & Marketing

Because we knew, that for every £30 we spend on Facebook Ads

We made…. £66 PROFIT ?

Let me say that again…

We worked out that for roughly every £30 we spend on Ads with Facebook

We would make a sale on the 6 Weeks programme, which is £99

Making us a £66 profit

So why am I telling you this??

To show off?? – NOPE!

To point out that you need to know your numbers to then figure out what front end offer will work best for your fitness business

Then once you do, we can show you how

With a range of short course inside The FitPro Portal

How to put x amount into Ads & more or less know what will come out

Plus we currently have 25% off your first month

And… and this is a BIG ONE!!

If The FitPro Portal doesn’t give you everything you need and more in your first 30 days with us

We give your money back, 100% off it

No questions asked ?

Come and check it out: www.TheFitProPortal.com

David 🙂

PS… The code for the 25% off your first month is floating on the top of the sales page when you click the link

If you can’t see it, then simply type in the code: “TRIAL25” at the checkout


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