How would you like to make 8 sales in just 1 week?

How would you like to make 8 sales in just 1 week?

Check out our new client Simon…

Simon started with us just over a week ago and he is FLYING ✈️

So far we have generated him 137 leads!

He’s even had to stop ads…
Because he’s completely sold out the spaces 🙌🏼

We’re now running bootcamp ads coming in at £1.80 CPL for both ladies & men.


We see “Free 30 Day Programmes” that don’t perform as well as these!

But how have his ads been so successful?

Because he put us in charge! We created successful content with proven copy and worked out what his leads would want to see.

Are you wanting the same?


We’ll speak to you very soon!

Ella 🙂

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