How to waste money with FB Ads

How to waste money with FB Ads

Had a great chat today with a new member of The FitPro Portal group

Each new members gets a 20 minute chat with me when they join ?

This member is currently running online nutrition training to women

His issue was he struggles to find the perfect audience that will buy from him

So I started digging

Tell me who you want to work with

What’s their age

What’s their job

Kids? Married?

Eventually getting to his key numbers

Women between the ages of 30-50

Next question was…

Tell me the average age of your current clients?

… 40-45

What’s your youngest client?

.. 38


… 50

Giving me the perfect numbers for him to work with

You see there is no point just picking numbers in the age category

You are more than likely just throwing money away

He is now going to be targeting women between the ages of 38-50

Spending more money on potential leads that are more likely to buy on the quick research we just did

The next time your about to start running ads, think about it carefully

What are the real ages you need to be targeting❓❓❓

David 🙂

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