Getting Your Social Media Ready For The Week ?

Getting Your Social Media Ready For The Week ?

As another week comes to an end, it’s time to think about your social media content for next week

The thing about posting on social media is that it isn’t going to generate you sales instantly

Social media should be used for building KLT – Know, Like & Trust

Then over time the people following, when in the right frame of mind think of you first when things need to change

Take a mum for example

She has been following your page for a while

She likes a few of your post about simple quick recipes that she can use for her family

She get’s a little jealous when you post up your results from yet another mum who is back to pre baby weight

When one day, something happens and she get’s super motivated to get back into her favourite clothes

Who do you think she thinks of right away ❓❓❓

YOU and your Social Media Page ?

That’s why you need to be posting a minimum of ONCE per day talking directly to your target audience

And not just on Facebook

You need to be posting this up on Twitter, on Instagram, in your Facebook group, on your Google My Business page

So no matter what channel your followers are following you on

They see you posting daily

So what do you post ❓❓❓

Keep it simple, have a social media calendar

For examples:

➡️ Monday – Motivation Monday

➡️ Tuesday – Tasty Tuesday

➡️ Wednesday – Workout Wednesday

➡️ Thursday – Top Tip Thursday

➡️ Friday – Interaction Friday

The trouble that most FitPro’s have is time to write and post or just not knowing what to post on social media to generate enquires

That’s where our Brand New Service comes into play

Imagine having your social media taken care of

No more spending hours thinking about what to post

No more not knowing where or when to post

Let me introduce our newest service: Social Media Management

Once a week, you simply send us a load of new pictures and videos and any new updates

And we do the rest ?

We write a brand new post for you EVERY SINGLE DAY and post it across your social media channels

That’s 7 posts per week with a dedicated CTA

Posted on all the key Social Media Channels including:

Facebook Page

Facebook Group




Google My Business

Don’t have one of these channels?

Don’t worry, we will create it and the artwork, and find the best Hashtags

And to kick the service off, we are giving away the first 5 spaces away for half price

Not half price for the first month…. But HALF PRICE FOREVER ?

That’s just £100 per month for us to take care of your social media for you ?

Just £3.33 per post that we create the video/image, the text, post across all 6 channels, including a CTA and Hashtags

ONLY thing is…. We can ONLY offer this out to the first 5 who want this offer

Want to get started right away? Click here:

Want to know more? Then drop us a message 🙂

David 🙂

PS… Once the 5 spaces have gone…. They have gone!

And the price will go back to its original price of £200 per month

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