FitPro Lead Gen do Google Ads now?!

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Yes…Yes we do. But it’s important to note that this will work quite differently from our Facebook Ads service.

FitPro Lead Gen Google Ads animation

First off, there are a handful of things you’ll need in order to get started:

1. (Surprising nobody) A Google account: you’ll need one in order to create an ad account (or gain access to one).

A Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) will be massively helpful for verification purposes if you don’t have a website. It’ll also be beneficial to…pretty much every other effort to grow your online presence anyway.

2. A landing page: you don’t need a fully-fledged website, just a landing page that encompasses your offer and the keywords you want us to target. We can create one on your behalf if needed.

3. Patience: Google ads are a long game. Can your campaigns yield quick results? Of course, but depending on your account history (if any), it can take upwards of 3 weeks to gain actionable insights and 3 months for an ad campaign to mature. All the chopping and changing you’re used to on your Facebook lead ads? That’s a no-go!

Unlike with Meta ads, it can also take up to 2 weeks to determine the impact of any optimization change on a campaign. The learning phase in general is inherently longer, which is part of the reason some planning will need to be done beforehand.

This helps set expectations based on budgets as well as get your campaign(s) off to the best start possible. Rather than being charged by the impression, you’re going to be charged per click (hence the term PPC). So no, if you aren’t getting clicks, you aren’t getting charged…BUT the keywords (or search terms) you want to target, your budget, the quality of your ads, and the level of competition for these keywords (not to mention their search volume) will impact not only the amount you’ll pay in the bidding war but your placement on search engine results pages (SERPs).

The above search term may be low in competition and (depending on who you ask) relatively cheap, but the low monthly search volume makes this an unattractive keyword to bid on.

Google ads allow businesses to display ads on Google’s SERPs and other websites that participate in the Google Ads network. With Google Ads, businesses can create search, display, shopping, and video ads (YouTube ads are run through the Google ads platform). These ads are typically shown to users who are actively searching for a specific product or service, making them a great option for businesses looking to capture leads at the bottom of the funnel as opposed to the passively scrolling audiences that you’re currently advertising to through Paid Social ads.

Looking for ways to target potential clients toward the bottom of the funnel? Let’s have a chat about your fitness business and see if Google ads align with your offering!

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